10 Kinds of Homemade Donuts

Homemade donuts and bagels. Here’s how to prepare many donuts and bagels in the house (also in vegan and gluten free version) to serve for the snack or as a dessert. We have collected the best recipes of homemade donuts and bagels, suitable for those who like to experiment in the kitchen.

Here are ten recipes for making homemade donuts and bagels.

1) vegan bagels with red wine and hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are the secret ingredient in this variation of classic red-wine bagels. They are ideal for tea time and only a few ingredients are required to prepare them. For sweetening, choose whole brown sugar.

2) Baked Donuts

For those looking for a slightly lighter version of donuts, the classic American donuts glazed, here is an alternative recipe that allows you to prepare the donuts in the oven. For the icing you use chocolate and sugar decorations.

3) Carnival Fried Bagels

These vanilla donuts are the classic Carnival bagels to be prepared and fried as usual, for those who occasionally want to indulge in a sin of gluttony. For the orange and lemon rinds, choose organic citrus fruits and not treated.

4. Soft Baked Donuts

Here are some sweet bagels prepared in the oven, without frying, without potatoes and with little butter in the dough. They are a slightly lighter version than the classic fried bagels. For this preparation you use the brewer’s yeast.

5) Neapolitan Staples

The staples are traditional Neapolitan donuts made with a mixture of potatoes and flour. In Naples they are in confectionery all year round, but are prepared in the House especially during the carnival celebrations.

6) Donuts Sardines

The traditional sardine bagels differ from the common bagels for their heart of jam. You practice a small hole in the center of the donuts with the sac-A-few and you stuff it with jam. Baking is baked.

7) Sweet Gluten-free Donuts

You can prepare these bagels with a mix of gluten-free flours suitable for making sweets or bread. You will also need the rind of half untreated lemon, and if you want also the rind of half orange untreated.

8) Fried Friars

These fried donuts, typical of the carnival, are known as fried friars, fried Fernand or parafrittus (they are part of the traditional sweets of Sardinia). For frying In this case is used peanut oil.

9) Baked Apple Bagels

These baked apple buns are prepared with a homemade batter made from flour, milk and eggs. The apples are for the filling. You can serve the baked apple bagels even warm.

10) Vegan Sweet Donuts

You can prepare sweet donuts, like donuts, also in vegan version. You will need agave syrup, vegetable milk, sunflower oil, brewer’s yeast, sugar, vanilla and apple puree. Here’s the recipe.

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